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ISNI: 0000 0001 1954 7012
LCCN: nb2010015181
ORCID: 0000-0002-5102-4294
ResearcherID: I-7925-2016
VIAF: 122315132
WorldCat Identities: 122315132

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​Ariel Fernandez Biotechnology, A TRANSFORMATIVE CONSULTANCY

  If practitioners in pharmaceutical sciences involved in chemical aspects of drug discovery truly understood protein-ligand interactions, molecular design would be rational and less uncertain. With its reliance on high-throughput screening, combinatorials and chemical serendipity, drug design is anything but rational. For this reason, drug discovery remains such a high-risk endeavor. Highly rewarding, to be sure, but not in the manner that would please investors (usually risk-adverse) or people devoted to the betterment of human health, who simply cannot afford to gamble. At Ariel Fernandez Biotechnology Consultancy we are aware of this reality. We know that the risk/reward quotient remains uncomfortably high in the pharmaceutical industry, and is probably increasing as therapeutic challenges become more complex. At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we believe that we can make a difference as we deal with such medical imperatives, the kind of conceptual difference that would give a competitive advantage to our clients. Here is the reason:

​  At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we have been directly involved in the kind of scientific breakthroughs that enable us to design drugs rationally and creatively.By this we mean that Ariel Fernandez pharmaceutics can achieve an unprecedented control of target specificity and effectively fine-tune drug cross-reactivity to build synergies between drug-based therapy and adjuvant treatments. These synergies are crucial when treating complex diseases such as cancer that often require a multi-pronged attack.

  At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we help biotechnology companies achieve these goals because we are capable of deploying radically innovative design concepts rooted in scientific advances at the cutting edge of chemistry research, the so-called "wrapping technology". Our approach enables us to parse chemical space in search for unique solutions that provide an exquisite control of specificity. 

​  We have often heard how weak is the chemical track of the drug-discovery pipeline. This is so, we believe, because of the dearth of fundamental scientific results that have been translated into tools for molecular design. At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we have the capability to address these weaknesses and deliver chemical prototypes can can withstand the long-term attrition along the discovery pipeline. It all stems from our knowledge of the cutting-edge biophysics underpinning target-ligand recognition. 

  Give us a chance to broaden your technological base as we address your therapeutic needs.

"With tools such as those of Ariel Fernandez, the future certainly looks bright for constructing ever-better agents that can be combined safely and effectively to manage and eventually cure many forms of human cancer." 

George Demetri, Review Commissioned by the Journal of Clinical Investigation

"The biggest message from this paper by Ariel Fernandez et al. is that a cardiotoxic cause can be identified and steered away from. There are hundreds of agents in development that could benefit from this research."

Thomas Force, interviewed by the Royal Society of Chemistry

On the discovery of the dehydron: "This is a very radical way of thinking. This is an experiment that actually backs up that radical way of thinking and that's what's striking about it."

Peter Rossky, interviewed by the University of Chicago News Office


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