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   Most people agree that the therapeutic challenges of the post-genomic era have become increasingly more complex. The low-hanging fruits of the pharmaceutical industry seem to have already been picked, while treating diseases with a complex heterogeneous etiology such as cancer has proven far harder than originally thought. Part of the difficulty in dealing with such challenges has to do with the designer's inability to control target specificity to the required level as dictated by the biochemical context. This control is essential to ensure that drug candidates are reliable enough to endure the long-term attrition along the testing phases. 

   At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we can make a qualitative difference right a the start of the discovery pipeline, precisely at the stage when one needs to address the issues of specificity control, thus giving our clients a significant competitive advantage. Our basic operating premise is that the key to hedge risk in the drug discovery endeavor is to improve molecular design, quickly harnessing significant advances in the basic sciences. We need far better chemical solutions to the set of constraints determined by the integrative biomedical annotation. At our consultancy we believe that no significant progress in terms of accelerating the discovery process (with concurrent cost reduction) is feasible unless we can solidify the early stages of chemical discovery, where rational design should prevail and enable a tight control of target specificity. We can surely make a difference in this regard, a difference likely to yield a significant competitive edge. This is so because we have been directly and personally involved in the type of conceptual breakthroughs that translate into better therapeutic solutions. Thus, we can achieve an unprecedented control of target specificity and fine-tune the drug affinity profile to build synergies with adjuvant therapies as needed to treat complex diseases and remove undesired side effects. 

  At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we can squarely address the therapeutic imperatives of the post-genomic era by significantly strengthening the weakest of the links in the drug-discovery chain. Through the translation of fundamental advances in biophysics, where we have been personally involved, we can improve the molecular design and enrich the chemical space from which our solutions are drawn.

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Ariel Fernandez biotechnology addresses scientific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With Ariel Fernandez pharmaceutics we provide insights into drug design that hold potential to broaden the discovery base of biotech companies. We provide thought leadership on the type of cutting-edge research that translates into a competitive advantage to those involved in pharmaceutical sciences.

The tight control of target specificity in drug design is our trade. We harness fundamental scientific knowledge to design prototypes with improved safety and higher therapeutic potency. We expand and parse chemical space to meet the specificity requirements of target molecules to add therapeutic value. 



Identify key molecular features  to ensure that the prototype withstands the long-term attrition along the drug discovery pipeline.

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