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Ariel Fernandez

Ariel Fernandez Biotechnology services

   At Ariel Fernandez Biotechnology Consultancy we engage in consulting agreements with biotech companies to address core scientific problems associated with the design and development of pharmaceutical drugs and other therapeutic or theranostic agents. To develop Ariel Fernandez pharmaceutics, we create and parse chemical space to achieve a tight control of target specificity as required in therapeutic applications. We also provide scientific expertise in pharmaceutical patent litigation. Our own personal involvement in key biophysics breakthroughs serves us well to address some of today's problems in challenging areas of pharmaceutical sciences such as:

  • ​​​​​​​Disruption of protein-protein interactions
  • Control of target specificity
  • Enhacement of target affinity
  • Synergies with chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other adjuvant treatments

​   The level of lead optimization and tuning of specificity needed to address present-day therapeutic imperatives clearly exceeds what may be achieved through standard approaches to drug discovery. At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we are ideally positioned to address these challenges, precisely because we have discovered the molecular filters that enable an unprecedented control of target specificity. In accord with current practice in the pharmaceutical industry, high-throughput screening following a target validation emerging from bioinformatics annotation produces chemical leads that often hold promise for therapeutic applications. Yet, turning such chemical leads into valuable therapeutic agents has proven increasingly more arduous as the therapeutic imperatives of the post-genomic era have become increasingly more complex. As an illustration,  monotherapy seldom appears to be sufficient in treating complex diseases such as cancer, and even in the rare contexts were it might prove efficacious, the surfacing of undesired and unexpected side effects often mar the discovery effort.

  At Ariel Fernandez Consultancy we have the capability to squarely and successfully address these problems as we translate advances in molecular biophysics into novel selectivity filters for drug design and into innovative ways of parsing and expanding chemical space. Thus, we ultimately deliver molecular designs that have been fine tuned to enable an exquisite control of specificity, as needed to build synergies with adjuvant treatments and remove undesirable or health-threatening side effects. 

   Some of the most lethal and treatment-resistant cancers, such as the ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma most likely require synergistic treatments. In such therapeutic contexts, the molecular-targeted therapy cannot afford to generate any negative interference with the adjuvant treatments. This imperative requires an exquisite level of fine tuning of target specificity combined with innovative molecular optimization. We are uniquely positioned to address these challenges and provide the much needed answers that our clients require.